Our Team

Judy Roberts

ID# 3367744

Phone  (859) 585-9200

Email :  JudyRoberts7@Yahoo.com

Web Site: Http://JudyARoberts.com

LeAndre Knox

ID#  3670721

Phone  (859) 771-2322

Email:  Leandre__Nichole@Hotmail.com

Patricia Perdue

ID# 3865724

Phone (859) 749-1558

Email: pfperdue18@gmail.com

Becky Kemplin

ID# 10013983

Phone (859) 404-3375

Email: Becky.Kemplin@Yahoo.com

Kristi Havens

ID# 3710385

Phone (859) 398-9285

Email: Havens.Kristi@Yahoo.com

Our Team Leaders

We use a team approach to learn and teach about Young Living Essential Oils.

Above are the Top Team Leaders and Achievers of Chemical Free Lives.

Contact them to sign up and join a goal of wellness.